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Redman Organ Company

Opus 63, 1993

This organ was designed to occupy no floor space. It is located on the low wall behind the choir. The Swell is located behind the Great with a duplex chest. This allows all the pedal, except for Subbass and Fagott, to be borrowed from the Great. Channel dividers allow this to be done without flap valves and ensure reliable long-term functioning of this feature. The 90% burnished tin facade pipes come from the Great 8′ Principal. The Great 2′ Superoctave is borrowed from the Mixture to extend the tonal flexibility of this rather small organ. Robust scaling and voicing provide an exciting sound in this dry acoustic. Chiff and other speech noises are minimized. Equal temperament and steady wind are used, as well as 61-32 note compass and standard dimension manual keyboards and standard AGO concave and radiating pedalboard. Although based on mechanical key action and slider chests, this organ is a modern, eclectic instrument intended to fill the musical needs of this Presbyterian church for hymn singing. It presents well a variety of organ literature used for service playing.



8′ Principal (facade)
8′ Rohrflöte
4′ Octave
2′ Superoctave (from Mixture)
1 1/3′ Mixture IV
8′ Trompete


8′ Salicional
8′ Celeste (TC)
8′ Holzgedeckt
4′ Principal
4′ Koppelflöte
2′ Spitzflöte
8′ Oboe


16′ Subbass
8′ Principal (from Gt.)
8′ Rohrflöte (from Gt.)
4′ Octave (from Gt.)
16′ Fagott

Total: 18 stops, 17 ranks, 955 pipes
Couplers: Sw-Gt, Sw-Pd, Gt-Pd
Detached console
Mechanical key action
Electric stop action
Solid state combination system with 16 generals, 8 divisional, 8 memory levels

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